Victron Skylla-IP65

The Victron Skylla-IP65 Charger is a powerful, waterproof and intelligent battery charger with a 7-stage adaptive charge algorithm, suitable for a wide range of battery types and chemistries featuring a dedicated Lithium-ion charge algorithm.

The wide range universal input voltage adds flexibility to the installation, the charger will maintain its full output power no matter where it is located in the world.

The IP65 rating makes this charger especially suitable for marine, mobile, and industrial applications and it can withstand the rigors of an adverse environment: heat, humidity and salt air.

The Victron Skylla-IP65 has a steel epoxy powder coated case. Withstands the rigors of an adverse environment: heat, humidity and salt air. Circuit boards are protected with an acrylic coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Temperature sensors ensure that power components will always operate within specified limits, if needed by automatic reduction of output current under extreme environmental conditions.

The Skylla-i Control panel provides remote control and monitoring of the charge process with LED status indication. In addition, the remote panel also offers input current adjustment that can be used to limit the input current and thus the power drawn from the AC supply. This is particularly useful when operating the Victron Skylla-IP65 Charger from limited shore power or small gensets. The panel can also be used to change several battery charging parameters. Several control panels can be connected to one charger or to a set of synchronised and parallel connected chargers.

Every Victron Skylla-IP65 comes with a battery temperature sensor. When connected, charge voltage will automatically decrease with increasing battery temperature. This feature is especially recommended for sealed lead-acid batteries and/or when important fluctuations of battery temperature are expected.

Want to improve battery charging? Why not take a look at the Victron Energy Battery Sense which measures voltage at the battery bank terminals, errors arising from voltage-loss due to cable resistance are avoided – guaranteeing the correct charge-voltage.